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About Some of My Paintings

Interpretation is what makes art beautiful and meaningful to the viewer. However, I understand that many do desire to know what the artist was thinking when they created a piece. In an effort to balance these two dynamics, I will periodically share some of the meaning behind some of my pieces. 

Carnival Is Here.jpg

Kanaval Rive -
Carnival has Arrived

The woman in the painting dances, surrounded by the rhythm and beats of the carnival. With each step, she embodies the pride of a nation. The colors of her costume and face paint pattern, creating a tapestry of patriotism and unity. Sis joined by her fellow revelers, each a symbol of the rich cultural heritage of Haiti. The red and blue hues of the painting echo the flag of this proud nation, and the celebration itself becomes a celebration of freedom, love, and the deep bonds of community. In this moment of joy and revelry, the woman and her companions are one with the rhythm, one with each other, and one with their country.

Retounen Nan LespriReturn of Spirit-36X48-Acrylic-Katiana Jarbath Smith.jpg

Retounen Nan Lespri -
Return of Spirit

With colors as her armor and spirit as her guide, the Haitian woman stands in still grace, communicating with the Hispaniola trogons in a trance-like state. Surrounded by the symbols of freedom, she embodies the journey from ignorance to wisdom, from darkness to enlightenment. As the woman taps into the depths of her own spirit, she frees what has been trapped within, just as the birds symbolize the freedom she has found. A meditation on the power of self-discovery and the unlocking of one's inner strength, the painting invites the viewer to embark on their own journey towards liberation and enlightenment.

Cultivate the Land - resized_edited.jpg

Cultivate the Land -  Cultivate a People

Amidst the fields of green, where the crops of rice, coffee, and sugar grow, lies a story of resilience and freedom. The land bears witness to the struggles and hardships of Haiti's enslaved past. Yet, amidst the pain and toil, the people of Haiti rose up, finding strength in their unity, and fought for their liberation. The land, once tilled under duress, now stands as a testament to their unwavering spirit, and a reminder of their remarkable journey to freedom. Amidst the rustling leaves and ripe harvest, one can feel the heartbeat of a proud nation, one that fought against all odds and claimed its right to live in freedom and dignity.

Ayiti Cheri I.jpg

Ayiti Cheri I -

Haiti My Love I

A girl stands tall in Haiti, her piercing gaze fixing upon the viewer. She carries a pot of hibiscus flowers, symbols of the land she calls home. With each petal, she embodies the birth of a nation, her spirit imbued with Haitian pride. Hibiscus tea, a medicinal staple in every household, flows through her veins, a testament to the resilience of her people. She embodies a day in the life of a Haitian, stoic and strong, shaped by the trials of her past, but with a love for all that Haiti has taught her. Haiti stands as a beacon of strength and resilience, just as she does.



Making the unconscious conscious. Journey of self is an awakening. Self-reflection, self-discovery, self-awareness, self-liberation is the path to inner peace. Turn your focus inward…..she needs you. Take that journey of higher dimensions and emerge free. Free of self-imposed, society-imposed ideologies about life. The answers are within.



Rooted I stand, rooted I fall. The womb-man (woman) in my life have always exuded a level of strength that I’ve always admired. A womb-man operates on a stronger vibration, higher wavelength, more connected to the universe. I grew up witnessing the strength of a womb-man in my mother, grandmother and aunts. In the face of trying times they had a resilience that was necessary and innate. That resilience gave me the foundation I needed growing up and still does to this day.

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