About Some of My Paintings

Interpretation is what makes art beautiful and meaningful to the viewer. However, I understand that many do desire to know what the artist was thinking when they created a piece. In an effort to balance these two dynamics, I will periodically share some of the meaning behind some of my pieces. 

Ayiti Cheri I.jpg

Ayiti Cheri I -

Haiti My Love I

This image embodies the strength of a people. There are traditions in Haiti that continue to be passed on to new generations and the hibiscus flower is one of them. Called shoeblack in Creole it is the unofficial flower of Haiti and is a common household tea. It has medicinal benefits along with a host of other plants I’ve learned about and grew up using.



Making the unconscious conscious. Journey of self is an awakening. Self-reflection, self-discovery, self-awareness, self-liberation is the path to inner peace. Turn your focus inward…..she needs you. Take that journey of higher dimensions and emerge free. Free of self-imposed, society-imposed ideologies about life. The answers are within.



Rooted I stand, rooted I fall. The womb-men (woman) in my life have always exuded a level of strength that I’ve always admired. A womb-man operates on a stronger vibration, higher wavelength, more connected to the universe. I grew up witnessing the strength of a womb-man in my mother, grandmother and aunts. In the face of trying times they had a resilience that was necessary and innate. That resilience gave me the foundation I needed growing up and still does to this day.