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I am an artist whose work sings with the vibrant hues of my heritage. My paintings, with their bold brush strokes and striking use of color, capture the essence of the people, culture, and history that I hold so dear. My dedication to representation, inclusion, and arts advocacy shines through in every piece I create.
I am a master of realism, using my skills to bring the stories of marginalized communities to life. My work is a powerful expression of the resilience and diversity of the African Diaspora, offering a window into the experiences and perspectives of these communities. My paintings often feature large-scale depictions of the human figure, capturing the nuances of expression and body language to convey deep emotion and storytelling.
With my deep connection to indigenous and African spiritual beliefs, I infuse my work with a sense of reverence and respect for my heritage. Through my art, I seek to educate, inspire, and empower individuals and communities, using my work as a tool for social change. My paintings are a testament to the power of art to move, heal, and connect, and my unwavering commitment to creating a more inclusive and equitable art world is truly inspiring.



Her love for art started at a young age, as she would often spend hours lost in the pages of her coloring book. Her talent was soon recognized, and she was sent to the New World School of Arts, where she honed her skills and developed a passion for painting people of color.


Years went by, and she stepped away from the canvas. But it wasn't long before she rediscovered her love for art and returned to the brush. Now, as an emerging artist, she is making waves in the art world, exhibiting her work in galleries and museums across the country.


Her paintings are a celebration of the African Diaspora and a call to action for representation and inclusivity in the art world. Through her work, she hopes to inspire young artists, to empower communities, and to be a voice for change.


Katiana is more than just an artist. She is an advocate, a teacher, and a mentor. She is dedicated to using her art as a tool for social justice, to creating a more inclusive art world, and to inspiring the next generation of artists.


Her passion and commitment to her art are evident in every brush stroke, every color she chooses, and every story she tells. Her art is a reflection of her journey, her experiences, and her beliefs, and it is a reminder that the African Diaspora is a vital part of the American story.


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I have been married for several years and I have two wonderful little boys.  I home school my boys so my hands are always full! My family is very patient and supportive of me as an artist and I am so appreciative of that! 

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