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     I received training from the New World School of the Arts and a magnet program in middle school. Despite my love for art, I have only recently began painting again. I use bold colors, strong brush strokes and striking features to paint people, concentrating on the stories that people tell through their eyes, poise and features.

     Having returned to painting after being away for 15 years, my passion for culture and art led me back to painting as a response to the social climate of America. My artwork focuses on the stories of the people of the African Diaspora, specifically of the Haitian Diaspora. I am also currently involved in community initiatives seeking to incorporate art that represents South Florida’s diverse demographic.

    As a South Florida transplant and recent resident of Connecticut, I create out of my home studio. I got my start in South Florida but I’ve joined the artists that call Connecticut home. 



       Though I was born and raised in the United States, my upbringing was heavily influenced by my Haitian culture. Creole was the first language spoken in our household. My identity is deeply rooted in my Haitian culture and influences me professionally and personally. Although conditions in Haiti can be difficult, there is a universal sense of pride, courage, and love that is rooted in the people. Those qualities are shared among the young and old of Haiti. When I think of my roots, I can’t help but feel proud that I share in those roots.


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I have been married for several years and I have two wonderful little boys.  I home school my boys so my hands are always full! My family is very patient and supportive of me as an artist and I am so appreciative of that! 

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